i-Snail-X / i-Snail-VT: 4-20mA Loop Powered AC Signal Transducer


  • Highly accurate, true RMS measurement. Compatible with SCRs and VFDs
  • Self powered from the 4 - 20 mA loop.
  • Robust construction, compact size and easy wiring.
  • Compatible with 0.333V, 1.0V and milliamp output CTs.
  • Ideal for Control and Energy Management applications.


The i-Snail-X transducer offers inexpensive yet accurate true RMS monitoring of AC signals in one circuit.

This product is ideal as a precision AC load transducer for Control and Energy Management applications.

Compatible with a variety of off the shelf CTs (including solid and split core), the loop powered i-Snail-X provides a convenient tool for accurate load monitoring in any electrical equipment.

Product Description

The i-Snail-X is a precision transducer that performs true RMS measurements in one AC circuit, via an external CT (or PT) that delivers a milliamp or millivolt signal.

The i-Snail-X may be calibrated for various input signal levels. By using CTs of varying input capacities with identical output signal ratings (such as 0.333V devices), one i-Snail-X may by used to measure any current range. The i-Snail-X offers 0.3% accuracy (full scale), and may be used even on heavily distorted waveforms.

The transducer is powered by the 4 -20 mA current loop (it acts as a 'two wire loop device'). It will accept a wide range of loop excitation voltages, typically 24 VDC. The unit is hermetically potted in a small plastic enclosure equipped with two mounting holes. A barrier strip terminal is provided for the output wiring, and spade connectors are provided for the external CT or PT. Because of its small size, robust construction and ability to be remotely mounted, the i-Snail-X offers high installation versatility.

The i-Snail-X is compatible with Elkor's line of inexpensive split and solid core CTs, such as the MCT and MSCT series and all 1.0VAC and 0.333VAC current transformers. It may also be used with voltage transformers such as Elkor's VT series to provide AC voltage monitoring up to 600V (i-Snail-VT).


PowerStandard 4-20mA loop; voltage 8 - 35 VDC
InputCurrent input via an external CT or PT (sold separately). The unit may be configured for use with any of Elkor's MCT or MSCT units, or other units that output a linear millivolt or milliamp signal.
Output4-20 mA loop (sinking); max. impedance 750 R @ 24VDC (barrier strip terminal provided)
Accuracy TRMS, 0.3% FS, relative to accuracy of external CT.
Up to crest factor of four.
EnclosurePotted plastic box (L=3", W=1.1", H=0.5"), panel mount ready.

Ordering Information

i-Snail-X-[Input Type]-[Full Scale]

[Input Type]=mA, mV, or specific Elkor CT
[Full Scale]=Desired input full scale current (ie: 333mV, 200mA, 100A, etc)

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