WattsOn®-Mark II Meter Kit: Precision Energy Meter Kit


  • Polycarbonate NEMA Enclosure (Multiple sizes available)
  • Color Touchscreen Front Display
  • Large, easy to read
  • Programmable
  • Integrated Power Supply
  • BACnet and Modbus Options

Product Description

The Elkor Energy Meter Kit includes the WattsOn-Mark II precision energy meter installed in a NEMA panel with a touch screen color graphical display, pre-wired with a power supply. The kit is available with various CT styles and sizes.

The kit may be ordered in a small (8”x8”) or medium (8”x10”) enclosure. Both enclosures include a universal (90-264VAC) 24VDC power supply which is used to power the meter and LCD. It may be used to power auxiliary devices inside the panel such as controls or gateways. Optional components such as shorting blocks, fuse blocks, or client supplied accessories may be installed.

The LCD touch screen panel features large, easy to read fonts and the ability to configure the display and meter locally. Trending is available over 24h, 1h and 2 minutes.

The communication between the display and the meter uses the auxiliary meter port, keeping free the main communications port (optional BACnet or Modbus, serial or Ethernet) for connection to external equipment, RTUs, PLCs or gateways.

The display may be customized by either the client, or by Elkor for a variety of features, display functions, logging, trending and visualizations (graphs, gauges).

Models and Dimensions

The WattsOn-Mark II Kit may be ordered in a variety of panel configurations including with and without external color display, as well as in a larger enclosure with integrated i-Block fuse and CT shorting block, ideal for 5A input meters.

Ordering Information


Where (see above)

    [1] Specifies Enclosure Size

    [2] Specifies Output Protocol

    [3] Specifies CT Input Type

    [4] Specifies Display (optional)



Specifies WattsOn-Mark II Metering Kit, Small Size, RS-485 (Modbus/RTU) Outputs & 5A CT inputs


Size [*1*] Small(-S) Medium (-M)
Overall Dimensions (H x W x D) 7.94" x 8.15" x 3.98" 9.93" x 8.15" x 3.98"
Internal Dimensions (H x W x D) 6.75" x 6.88" 8.75" x 6.88"
Internal Fuse and CT Block No Yes
Material Polycarbonate
Power Supply 90-264Vac (24VDC optional)
Protocol [*1*] -M1 Model -M2 Model -E4 Model
Communication Method RS-485
Ethernet (RJ45)
Modbus/TCP & Webserver & HTTP Post
Current Input [*3*] -mV Model -mA Model -5A Model -RC Model
CT Type 333mV Output mA Output xxx:5A Output Rogowski Coil
Rated Input Range 0-333mV 0-200mA 0-5A 0-360mV
Display Option [*4*] -HMI -DL -NDL
Description Front Color Touch LCD Internal (on-meter) Display Only No Display
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