i-Snail-V: Current Transducer with 0-5VDC Output


  • 0-5V DC Output
  • Self powered
  • Robust construction (potted box)
  • Compact size and easy wiring
  • 10, 25, 50 and 100A ranges


The i-Snail-V offers an inexpensive means to monitor any electrical load.

This product is ideal as an AC load transducer for Control and Energy Management applications.

The built-in CT and self powered feature combine to make an easy to install, robust solution.

Product Description

The i-Snail-V is a simple self powered AC current transducer that provides a 0-5V analog signal proportional to the AC current flowing through the CT. Available in three ranges, the i-Snail-V is calibrated to AC sine wave. There is no need for input current configuration nor trimming, saving time and confusion in the field.

The transducer is enclosed in a fire retardant ABS box and encased in potting epoxy to withstand moisture, dust and vibration. The integrated mounting tabs provide an easy means to install the unit on a wall or within a control panel.

The i-Snail-V is ideal for load monitoring without the need for an external power supply. Two signal wires are all that are needed to obtain a linear, 0 to 5 V DC output voltage that may be easily interfacing with PLCs and DDC SCADA systems.

The i-Snail-V includes an on-board CT with a 14.5mm (0.570") wire window that can accommodate up to AWG #2. The available input ranges are 0-10A, 0-25A, 0-50A and 0-100A. Multiple turns of the primary wire may be used to alter the input range.


PowerSelf powered by line current
InputWire current input through CT up to calibrated range:    0-10A AC (i-Snail-V-10)    0-25A AC (i-Snail-V-25)    0-50A AC (i-Snail-V-50)    0-100A AC (i-Snail-V-100)
CT Wire Window14.5mm (0.570")
Frequency50 or 60 Hz
Output0-5 VDC, proportional to RMS input current (sine wave).
Clamped at 6VDC. (All models rated for 150A max input).
Accuracy1% of full scale
EnclosurePotted plastic box L=3", W=1.1", H=0.4" + CT height, Panel mount ready. Interfacing CT permanently attached
Dielectric Test(input/output) - 4 kVrms

Ordering Information

i-Snail-V-10: 0-5V = 0-10A range

i-Snail-V-25: 0-5V = 0-25A range

i-Snail-V-50: 0-5V = 0-50A range

i-Snail-V-100: 0-5V = 0-100A range

Customs Ranges may be availble. Contact Elkor for details
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