i-Block: Line Interface for Power Meters & Transducers


  • 'Dead-front' fuse holders.
  • Integrated CT shorting mechanism.
  • Compact Size, Easy Wiring.
  • Low cost, ideal for any three phase power monitoring device.


The i-BLOCK interface provides a safe and economical way for connecting any three phase power meter to the electrical system.

Product Description

The i-BLOCK was designed as a compact and inexpensive interface for indirect three phase power meters & transducers. The device contains ganged 'dead-front' fuse holder with three 600V rated fuses plus terminal blocks with integrated shorting bars to safely short the CTs.

All the components of the i-BLOCK are mounted on a piece of a standard DIN rail but, if necessary, they may be added along the other existing DIN mounted components in the electrical enclosure.

The i-BLOCK provides fuse protection for line conductors as well as a convenient disconnect means for transducer servicing and or installation.


Voltageup to 600 V phase-to-phase
Fusefast acting 1 A, CC style
Fuse Holderganged 'dead-front' assembly
Wire SizeTypically AWG # 14 or #12; maximum #6
MountingDIN Rail (provided)
DimensionsL=112mm (4.38") x W=88mm (3.45") x H=63mm (2.47")

Ordering Information

i-Block: includes:

  • 1 x 600V Fuse Holder
  • 3 x 600V Class CC Fuses
  • 1 x Neutral Connector
  • 3 x 5A CT Shorting Block (two terminals with shorting bar)
  • Matching DIN Rail

NOTE: i-Block is sold only as an accessory with Elkor metering products.
Parts cannot be sold individually.

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