ETnet: WattsOn Ethernet Management Gateway


NOTE: The ETnet has been discontinued and replaced by the ETport - Modbus Internet Gateway


  • Real-time monitoring via web interface (HTTP/HTTPS)
  • Highly customizable data posting via HTTP
  • View WattsOn configuration information
  • Modbus/TCP to Modbus/RTU bridge
  • Small size, DIN mount
  • VDC/VAC power supply
  • Highly configurable


The ETnet module is ideal for accessing WattsOn devices on an Ethernet network, or over the internet. The ETnet brings real-time monitoring capabilities to the WattsOn universal power transducer, through a powerful and dynamic web interface. The ETnet also enables data collected from the WattsOn device to be sent to a remote web server via customizable HTTP POSTs.

Product Description

The ETnet module is an internet interface for the WattsOn device. It provides a dynamic AJAX-enabled web-interface to configure the device and display real-time readings from the WattsOn Universal Power Transducer. The ETnet can also send data collected by the WattsOn to a web server via HTTP POST at regular intervals, using a highly configurable template-based format -- it can be configured to use XML, JSON, CSV, or any custom format. The ETnet will also store a backlog of data in the event of a network outage to ensure any post information is not lost due to network or server outages.

While the ETnet was designed to give internet-based monitoring and data reporting capabilities to WattsOn devices, it also functions as a general purpose Modbus/TCP to Modbus/RTU bridge, so that it can be used with existing Modbus aware software and devices. A WattsOn device can be connected directly to the ETnet's RS-485 serial port or through an external Modbus/TCP to Modbus/RTU gateway over the network.

The ETnet supports DHCP, BOOTP and AUTOIP. A Windows® utility is used to detect and configure the network parameters from a Windows PC. In addition to the web interface allows for full device configuration.


Power9-32 VDC (100mA) or 12-24VAC (100mA)
RS-485Modbus/RTU (All WattsOn devices)
Ethernet10/100Mbit, full/half duplex, auto negotiation.
Supports DHCP
Software tools for detection/configuration.
Web interface for configuration and monitoring
InterfacesHTTP, HTTPS/SSL, HTTP Authentication, Telnet, SSH, FTP, TFTP
PostingHTTP, HTTP Authentication, customizable format (XML, JSON, CSV, plain text, etc.)
MountingDIN Rail Mount (LxWxH = 27mm x 96mm x 42mm)

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